JS exercise – UFO Shooter

Although JavaScript isn’t my main focus, during the course I’m participating at the moment, my attention got stolen by JS.
I’ve been challenged to write simple browser-based game. It is a shooter where a player need to destroy an UFO. 
Would you fancy to try it out? Here are some links:

the game: mkajzer.pl/ufo
github repo: github.com/mickaj/cl_kaczka 


C# challenge – Pig Latin translator

I recently encountered this challenge posted on edabit.com. It is a kind of weird translation tool that follows two patterns for translating words:

Consonant starting words: move consonants from the begging of the word to the end and add “ay”.
Vowel starting words: add “yay” at the end of the word.

  • apple > appleyay
  • edit > edityay
  • elaborate > elaborateyay
  • car > arcay
  • fallout > alloutfay
  • translator > anslatortray

So as it seemed a fun thing to code I created small project to solve the exercise, ending up with a .net core web app:
GitHub repo: https://github.com/mickaj/piglet
Running web app: https://piglet.mkajzer.hostingasp.pl/
Go ahead and see my implementation and test it. Or if you fancy challenge yourself!