.NET programming basic course

As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts I attended a programming course dedicated for C#/.NET beginners. The course was organised by polish IT leader Comarch (at the end of this post you will find a link to the course on their website).
I have to say that most of the topics presented during the course were nothing new to me. But, it’s completely different than learning on your own no matter if it’s from a book or YouTube course or lecture. Having that possibility to ask questions and get instant answer is the biggest advantage. Sometimes, you think that you might have not understood something you ask a question to clarify and you get an affirmative answer –  that’s a confidence boost. That gives you that feeling that you’re on the right track. You can’t get that any other way than face-to-face learning experience.
What’s more that improves the quality of the course is the fact that it was mostly all time practice. The theory part was more of a brief introduction to the topic than a lecture. All important things were presented with an example and tested by students ourselves.
After completing the course I have one advice for anyone who wants to get into programming: be extremely careful when learning online. Some of the learning materials are not prepared with that mindset that someone who’s going to learn is absolute beginner. They tend to go shortcuts, don’t pay attention to details which denies learners to fully comprehend the knowledge. And sometimes they teach bad habits (for instance I have not heard before the course about the ‘private field, public property’ convention).
What I learnt during the course and I find most important for me at this stage is deeper insight into class inheritance and polymorphism.
I am pretty happy with the course but still there were some disappointments. I was really hoping to get some more details about such aspects as interfaces, data-binding and MVVM model. We talked a bit about interfaces, the tutor showed us an example of data-binding and he said few words about MVVM. But I was simply hoping for more.
Generally, I find the course much beneficial for me and I will surely continue with courses from Comarch. The course ended with issuing a certificate. That’s my first 🙂
Thanks, Michal

Programowanie .NET – kurs podstawowy (Comarch)

Solo Learn Learn C#


I work full-time. It is not a programming-related job, it’s completely different business. And from time to time it requires from me to travel, not much but still… During my last travel when I was waiting at the airport I figured out that I’ll check what android apps I would find if I try to search for “C#”. And indeed I’ve found something worthwhile to try it out.

Learn C# by Solo Learn is an app that delivers a series of C# tutorials. Topics are divided into sections, each section provides explanation of current topic, quick questions immediately after the explanation and a quiz after each bigger portion of information. I would say that it was quite fun to go through them all.

The app gives another utility which I find the most value of the app – Code Playground. It gives user a possibility to test and modify code that appeared in tutorial questions, create your own code or play around with tons of examples provided by community. Drawback of this feature is the fact that it only works online.

What’s additional fun is that you get a certificate after finishing all tutorials. That’s a quite  nice accent to end the tutorials.

All in all that’s a well-organised application that gives a basic background to C# and some moments of fun. Kudos!

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