GetNoticed DEV#2: Restart!

Hi there!
Those of you who read my post already know that I started writing a cycle of post about SOLID. As I mentioned in the first post of that cycle (here) I’m going to follow these principles (at least to extent I understand them). But I want to write less amount of good stuff rather than sh*t load of crap. Not saying that from this point no crap will come from my keyboard. It will but at least chances are smaller.
Let’s cut to the chase now. As I said the project has been restarted. I rewrote Container and Item classes which are now based on respective interfaces. Container class has one method that test if an item can fit inside. That method is covered by simple set of unit tests. Not much, but as they say: Rome wasn’t built in a day.
I hate to do that but again I have to make excuses. Progress I have made since last week is embarrassing. Majority of time I spend on my project is during the weekend. Friday I get home a little bit earlier from work and this evening I start working on my project. But last Friday was different. It turned out that Bus Eireann (Irish coach service) is on a strike – indefinite. So my whole weekend I spent on arranging alternative way to commute this week, which turned out to be buying a car. And here in Ireland it’s not that simple. You can’t just buy a car and just drive off as you are. First you need to get insurance, road tax and in some cases test the car. So that occupied me for the recent period.
I hope that was one-time only and all further weekends will be fully available.
Thanks, Michal.