GetNoticed DEV#4: Better late than never – A Plan

Hello there!
It’s time to write an update what’s going on in my project. My project is (or was) a a hastiness. I just sat down, launched VS and started typing. And this is not a good way to manage projects, not matter how small they are. I have written some code, I have first results, it can do some calculations and if I really wanted to I could build a user interface and present a demo. Maybe if circumstances are not auspicious I will be forced to do that and that would be a sad end to my project. But I still have some time so I will try to organise the project a little bit. Main reason for that is I’m getting lost. In order to achieve at least some level of order I prepared a spreadsheet with descriptions of all classes. If you compare it to code I have written so far they may be slightly different (not only names). But that’s another advantage of having that plan – it gives you an overview on the project which in turn makes you see that there are some areas where you can improve it. You can preview that spreadsheet by clicking here.

Before I decided that I need that plan I had written some more code. To those who are not familiar with what I am doing here’s brief explanation: you have big rectangle and you want to fit into that rectangle other rectangles. Biggest remaining rectangle is places in bottom left corner, container-rectangle is cut according to one edge of just placed rectangle and that gives you two containers. You take next biggest rectangle and place it into one of the containers you got by cutting. And you repeat that until all items are placed. There is a scenario where you can have two containers arranged in that way so one is extension the other. So it would be natural to merge them. And that is what I have written. No point in showing the code here, nothing interesting in that. But you wanted an update, that’s the update 🙂
Cheers, Michal