GetNoticed DEV#8: Demo app mockup

Good evening!
Just to let you know that the project isn’t dead. As planned I’m trying to prepare a working demo of my app. I’ve been working on it since last weekend and I’m at the stage where I can present how the application will look:

Of course the mock-up is not all that I have achieved so far. All panels are fully working and backed up by view model. The most time consuming for me was to figure out how to work DataGrids and make tabs to be stored in a collection inside view model (maybe my next IT post will be about it). Now I need to make the view model communicate with ArrangerLibrary which will be my model. I will also need to add a class to ArrangerLibrary which will be responsible for generating PNGs. After that is done, code of the demo app will need to be cleaned and reorganised a bit for clarity.
It’s short and quick today but consider it as a far far away beacon that gives me hope that the goal is achievable.
Thanks, Michal

Nice tutorial how to work with tab control:
SheetMetalArranger on GitHub