GetNoticed/DajSięPoznać #00: Intro

While travelling to work today morning I decided to participate in this year’s Daj Się Poznać/Get Noticed competition. It is a coding contest where you need to do two things: built your individual project and blog about the project and IT.
The contest is demanding but no matter if I manage to reach the finish line or not it is a motivation and a kind of a whip that makes you work! As written in contest’s website: there’s nothing to lose. So, why not give it a try?
My project will be a program that arranges items in a sheet to maximise sheet’s utilisation. This is an issue that I often encounter in my job. I don’t know yet what algorithm I am going to use and how big the application will be. If you think about such program you can make it really light-weight with only base utility or go big and implement project management, catalogue of items, multitude of options. We’ll see what comes of it.
Here’s link to Daj Się Poznać website:
And this link leads to list of competitors:
So, that’s it for now and stay tuned!