So, here we are. I don’t know how has it happened that you’re here. But I guess it’s not the weirdest thing that you have encountered in your life. So let’s skip this question and let me enjoy the moment when somebody is reading this text.

You must be wondering who am I and what is the plan for this site. So, my name is Michał and I’m going to use this page to publish short texts mainly about my progress in learning how to develop Windows software. I am absolute rookie in this matter so don’t expect anything exciting or innovative. That’s not the purpose of this site. Its purpose is to keep track on my learning process.

My ultimate goal is to become a professional and successful developer. I will stick to C#/.net as I believe it is the most universal platform for Windows development.

As the world is not only zeros and ones, from time to time I will post something off main topic – mostly it’s going to be about what I read.

So, that’ll be it for today. I hope that you’ll visit this page again from time to time. If not, don’t worry it’ll be still nice archive for me.

Dust of our backs and onward!