One-bytes #3: Methods returning multiple values or the Tuples

*** #3.1 How to return multiple values from method***
Quick one today – how to write a method that returns more than one value. There are two ways: i) use out keyword, ii) use generic class Tuple. In the first approach we return first value as we usually do, the second value will be passed as parameter with out keyword. Take a look at example method:

Now if we want to make use of this method we either need to have a variable pre-declared and pass it into the method or declare it inline in the place of invocation:

Nice and simple, right? It the second approach we make use of Tuple generic class. It works with up to 8 generic parameters meaning that we can return 8 values (but nobody says that one of the returned values is another tuple, so in practice we can go for how many values as we want). Here’s an example:

So this method in fact returns one value of type Tuple. So how to access the values we really want?

Again, nice and simple. Which way is better? I guess the one you prefer 🙂

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