Auto-Breaker07-08-2017Project written for demonstartin basics of writing add-ins fro Inventorgithub
SheetMetalArranger28-05-2017Application that arranges items in a sheet to maximise its utilisation. Project for GetNoticed2017!1.1*.zipGitHub
EratoWPF19-02-2017Prime numbers finder based on Sieve of Eratosthenes; WPF and MVVM1.0*.zip filegithublink
Delegates, Lambdas, Events13-02-2017Examples used in post about Delegates, Lambda expressions, callbacks and eventsN/AN/AgithubN/A
Roman Decimal Converter16-01-2017Roman to Decimal and Decimal to Roman numbers converter; C#, .NET/WPF1.1.0.2*.zip file*.zip file*.txt file
Make No Mistakes12-12-2016Minesweeper implementation; C#, .NET/WinForms1.1.1.0*.zip file*.zip fileN/A
WQuadEq15-09-2016Quadric equation solver; C#, .NET/WinForms1.0 Final*.zip file*.zip fileN/A
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