Quadric equation solver


It’s time to publish my first application developed in C#. It is simple windows form application to solve quadric equations and draw graph for function derived from an equation. I am aware of the fact that its utility is close to none. Paper and pencil are better tools to deal with that kind of equations. But, as I mentioned in my first post here I want to learn C#. So I figured out that writing such an application would be a good starting point.

Feel free to download and test it. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

ClickOnce installer (*.ZIP)
Source code (*.ZIP)

Above, you’ll find links to packages with the application and source code (all files written in Visual Studio, the package includes project file).

What I’ve learned while writings this app? I guess the best answer to that question would be the foundations: basic syntax, idea of OOP (but I guess this program could be organised better in terms of its object-orientation), common windows forms and very brief introduction to graphics. I feel that’s a good starting point. More is to come.